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GSoC'20 - A summer full of optimization and Julia

Latest updates on the work done. Post-GSoC tasks

A Startup A Day: 11. 1mg

ePharmacy network, eDiagnostics & health-care info platform

A Startup A Day: 10. Rubrik

Quick and secure cloud backup and recovery solution

A Startup A Day: 9. AI Fund

Investment firm to build transformative AI companies

A Startup A Day: 8. Vise

AI-driven portfolio management platform for financial advisors

A Startup A Day: 7. Bounce

India's first smart mobility solution

A Startup A Day: 6. Celo

Decentralized and open source financial tools on your mobile phones

A Startup A Day: 5. Hotjar

Analyze and improve your website's UX and conversion rate

A Startup A Day: 4. Cuemath

Innovative after-school study program for K8 students

A Startup A Day: 3. TellApart

Predictive customer analytics for retailers and ecommerce

A Startup A Day: 2. Fintellix

Providing business intelligence solutions to the banking and financial industry

A Startup A Day: 1. Squire

My 60-day challenge to learn and grow

GSoC'20 - Create Dependencies and Documentation

Move DiffOpt.jl code to other JuMP-dev packages; Begin documenting the code

GSoC'20 - Support Semidefinite constraints

Support SDP constraints, add windows appveyor build, make DiffOpt.jl robust

GSoC'20 - Differentiating conic programs

Solving and differentiating convex conic programs w.r.t. problem data, improving solver interface, and benchmarking with diffcp

GSoC'20 - Differentiating LPs and QPs

Creating an optimizer layer, implementing MOI tests, and benchmarking with QPTH, CVXPY

GSoC'20 begins - Differentiable Optimization problems

Learn more about initial steps while developing DiffOpt.jl to differentiate some optimization problems

Music source separation using Deep learning in 5 minutes

Researchers at Facebook developed a music extractor in their Demucs library. Learn how to use it in Google Colab

Introductory workshop on Game Theory @ IIT Varanasi

Introductory workshop on Game Theory @ IIT Varanasi

GSoC first few weeks

Starting GSoC, hello ViSP, creating android platform and java module

GSoC Week 3

Adding java wrapping support to visp_core, visp_imgproc and visp_io modules

Creating an ML based Python API hosted on Heroku

Building an AR Marker Detection program using ArUco Library

Getting Started with GSoC

What's GSoC? How do I apply for it?

Introduction to ArUco

Building an AR Marker Detection program using ArUco Library

Setting up ArUco on your PC

Setting up opencv's ArUco library for marker detection