GSoC'20: Create Dependencies and Documentation

Hi all! This blog is one of a series marking my progress in Differentiable Optimization Problems. You may enjoy reading my first blog.

The project - progress

Milestones completed:
1. Adding projections on cones and their derivatives to MathOptSetDistances.jl (PR#5) and using it as a dependency in DiffOpt.jl (PR#35)
2. Moving the matrix builder code to MatrixOptInterface.jl - PR#7
3. Initial version of documentation -

Minor contribution (PR#1098) in JuMP Development Sprint :)

What's next?

Finaly we arrive at the last two weeks of the summer program. We'll focus on
1. Supporting sparse structures to speed up computations - Issue#31
2. Comprehensively document the codebase developed

Staying in touch

If you're interested in knowing more about the project, join the #opt-diff-gsoc channel on julia slack.