About Me

This is what I do.

Hi, I'm Akshay Sharma(must be obvious by now :D), Junior Undergraduate in Maths and Computing at IIT(BHU) Varanasi, from New Delhi. I cleared SAT admission test with 1430/1600 (15/24 in Essay). I cleared the JEE Mains and Advanced Exams with national ranks ~1150 each.

I'm not the problem solving stuff. I love creating fuss and new stuff. Coding ain't fun but its what I've been doing most of the time for the past few years. I hit android for chill, bash for work, and I hate web. Java has been my strong hand, then C++ - I know Python as good as english.

Go ahead and read some stuff - my past projects and posts on various topics - most of which would be beginners stuff. Do have a look at my Github Account. I've used to create futile crap without README's for the sake of learning. But now I add meaning to life and tackle tough problems where most people stand clueless(like this one). I'm interested in computer vision and want to learn about mixed reality.

Do have a look at my bookshelf too. I would love to hear from you - any good read or suggestion. Its hard to find book worms now-a-days, and even hard to talk to one - ping me on social media or mail me if you are one. Meet me in person if you like and listen to Nusrat's albums.